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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Worksheet : Magnets - Strengths of Magnets

Worksheet - Strengths of Magnets-

Worksheet - Strengths of Magnets

Strengths of Magnets Game


Unit 3 : Magnets - The Strengths of Magnets

Strenght of Magnets

Worksheet : Magnets - Handling Magnet

Worksheet Handling Magnets1

Worksheet Handling Magnets2

Unit 3 : Magnets - Handling Magnets

Magnetic Keepers

Correct Way To Keep Magnets
Handling Magnets

Incorrect Way To Keep Magnets
Handling Magnets2

Worksheet : Magnets - Uses of Magnet

Which items use magnets ?
Worksheet- Items that use magnets

Answer : Which items use magnets ?
Worksheet- Answer

Uses of Magnets
Worksheet- Uses of Magnets3

Answer : Uses of Magnets
Worksheet- Uses of Magnets4

Unit 3 : Magnets - Uses of Magnet

What are the items that use magnets?
The items that use magnets

Uses of Magnets
Uses of Magnets

Uses of Magnets

Uses of Magnets

Uses of Magnets

Magnetic Song

Come and Sing Together

Worksheet : Magnets - Magnetic, Non-Magnetic Objects

Word Search
Worksheet - Word Search For Magnetic and Non-magnetic Objects

Classify Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Objects
Worksheet - Classify Magnetic and Non-magnetic Objects

Answer of Section A
Worksheet - Answer of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Objects

Answer of Section B
Worksheet - Answer of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Objects

Magnetic Games - Magnetic Challenges

Friday, December 9, 2011

Unit 3 : Magnets - Magnetic and Non - Magnetic objects

Magnetic Boy

What is Magnetic and Non - Magnetic objects ?
Meaning of Magnetic & Non-magnetic Objects

Magnetic objects
Magnetic Objects

Non - Magnetic objects
Non Magnetic Objects

Is it Magnetic or Non - Magnetic objects ?

Worksheet : Magnets - Shapes and The Manegtic Poles

Worksheet - The Shapes of The Magnets
The Shapes of the Magnets

Worksheet - Magnetic Poles
Magnetic Poles

Worksheet - The Magic of Magnets
The Magic of Magnets

Attract and Repel

Unit 3 : Magnets - Shapes and The Magnetic Poles

How Do The Magnets Work ?

Singing Magnets

The Shapes of The Magnets and The Magnetic Poles

Revision : Why the Magnets Repel or Attract ?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Worksheet - Plants

Flowering plant and non - flowering plant
Worksheet Plants

Woody stems and soft stems
Woody Stems & Soft Stems

The shapes of leaves

Riddle of plants
Riddle of Plants

The External Features of Plants

Unit 2 Plants

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unit 2 : Plants ( 5 videos )

A Story Of A Seed

Different Part Of Plants

Song : The Part Of Plants

How Do The Plant Grow

Song : The Need 0f A Plants

Animals - Worksheet

Choose the correct answer.

1. Which animal has a pair of wings?
    A Goat             B Snake         C Eagle            D Elephant

2. A chicken has ________ but a tiger does not.
    A Legs             B Tail               C Eyes            D Beak 

3. Which animals has horns?
    A Cat               B Parrot           C Cow             D Fish

4. The following animals have claws, except:
    A Tiger            B Leopard        C Butterfly       D Elephant 

5. Which animal has scales on its body but does not have any legs?

6. Which of the following does a fish not have?
    A  A fin           B A tail           C Scales           D Four legs

7. Diagram 1 shows an external feature of a animal.
Diagram 1
      The above external feature belongs to _______ .
      A a cow           B an eagle           C an octopus           D a parrot

8. I have six legs. I am a ______.
    A beetle            B millipede           C spider                  D grasshopper

9. What do butterflies and ducks have in common?
    A They have horns.                       B They have beaks
    C They have wings                       D They have two legs

10. Diagram 2 shows four animals.
Diagram 2
    Which animal does not belong to the group?
    A Parrot           B Penguin           C Butterfly           D Sparrow 

Answer :
1. C          2. D          3. C           4. D            5. C
6. D          7. A          8. D           9. C          10. C

Worksheet Animals Crossword

Each animal have different external features

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The External Features of Animals

Animal that have claws

可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)

Animal that have legs 


可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2) 

Animal that
do not have legs 



可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)
             Animals that have horns

可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)

Animals that have beak


可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)

Animals that have tail  

可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)

Animals that have wings

可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)
                          Animals that have fur 

可爱兔兔大放送~ <wbr><wbr>(№ <wbr><wbr>2)

Animals that have hair


Unit 1 : Animals ( 4 videos )

Song : Animals

Story: The Tortoise And The Eagle

Wild Animals

Domestic Animals