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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Animals - Worksheet

Choose the correct answer.

1. Which animal has a pair of wings?
    A Goat             B Snake         C Eagle            D Elephant

2. A chicken has ________ but a tiger does not.
    A Legs             B Tail               C Eyes            D Beak 

3. Which animals has horns?
    A Cat               B Parrot           C Cow             D Fish

4. The following animals have claws, except:
    A Tiger            B Leopard        C Butterfly       D Elephant 

5. Which animal has scales on its body but does not have any legs?

6. Which of the following does a fish not have?
    A  A fin           B A tail           C Scales           D Four legs

7. Diagram 1 shows an external feature of a animal.
Diagram 1
      The above external feature belongs to _______ .
      A a cow           B an eagle           C an octopus           D a parrot

8. I have six legs. I am a ______.
    A beetle            B millipede           C spider                  D grasshopper

9. What do butterflies and ducks have in common?
    A They have horns.                       B They have beaks
    C They have wings                       D They have two legs

10. Diagram 2 shows four animals.
Diagram 2
    Which animal does not belong to the group?
    A Parrot           B Penguin           C Butterfly           D Sparrow 

Answer :
1. C          2. D          3. C           4. D            5. C
6. D          7. A          8. D           9. C          10. C

Worksheet Animals Crossword

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